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If you have accidently deleted some important files from your Mac, don’t be frustrated or sad. There is a recovery software that can help you get all the files you have lost. One of the very best is most certainly Mac Data Recovery Guru. That is why in this review of Mac Data Recovery Guru we will reveal all specs and important info you want to know before trying this software. One thing is guaranteed, it will recover deleted files really fast and it does detailed and in-depth scan of your files.

Although it is not one of the most appealing software you will find because of the dated design, it will do the job perfectly and accordingly. Don’t let the look fool you. When you install the software (and there is a demo software to try it out) it analyzes your drives. With a simple click on the left bottom rectangle “Start Scan”, the software will start scanning your drives.

We have tested it several times and we must confirm that it does the scans relatively fast and it doesn’t slow down the mac or influences how to the program works. Right beside the start scan button, there are two options. You can search for deleted files only, or you can search for deleted and regular files.

Mac Data Recovery Guru displays the files found and the bad sectors at the top. With a simple tap you can access all of the files that the software found through the scan. Later, you can scan the preview the files and recover them. It recovered all of the files we intentionally deleted, but also some other older files we’ve deleted a while ago. So, in terms of functionality you can’t say anything bad for Mac Data Recovery Guru.

Another important part in every data recovery software is the compatibility, especially important with Apple Products. This software will work with any disk both Mac and Windows, any digital camera from the large brands, mobile phones and even USBs, memory sticks, MP3 players and many other devices. When it comes to usability and diversity, this software has it all.

Mac Data Recovery Guru has all the needed features in a data recovery software. Our success rate has been one of the best and we’ve tested it several times. At its core it is a simple data recovery software, but it can offer great powerful feature that will help you feel secure and forget all frustrations of losing that important document or that amazing photo.

There is no guarantee that it will work on any Mac as well. That is why our advice is to first download the trial version of this great data recovery software for Mac. If it works and locates the needed files then go on and buy the subscription. We hope that this Mac Deleted File Recovery Software Review will help you in finding the best software for your needs. Mac Data Recovery Guru is one of the very best ones!

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