No.3 – 321 Soft Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data Recovery software can really help you in many unpleasant situations. Don’t panic if you have deleted some important file! You can retrieve it with a reliable software that recover photos or any type of document with its lovely set of functionalities. 321Soft has all the needed features you may need. It is highly reliable, respected and reputable software amongst Mac users. In this 321Soft review we will talk about its features, specs, needs and success rate. It was already reviewed by bunch of other tech websites, but we will try to do honest and comprehensive review.

First of all we would like to emphasize that this software can easily recover photos and documents, like any other mac file data recovery software, but it can also recover music and video. The software works relatively fast and it can significantly help you with fast scan and recovering of your files when needed. As every data recovery software differs depending the type of the file you are searching for, this one differed as well. 321Soft showed best results for searching documents and photos. But, before mentioning another set of interesting data we will describe you the software and how you can perform data recovery yourself.

After you download the software, you can easily set up the parameters you want to search. For example you can search for only music, video or photos, or you can search through all media. You can choose fast or quick scans and longer and thorough scans that will scan every possible byte. The speed of the scan will depend from the type of Mac you are using, but they are both relatively fast and lag free.

Now we go back to the percentages of recovery. The software works the best for photos and documents, but 321Soft is put to real test when it comes to music and video. For our research, we did search various types of files, and the software had bellow pair percentage when searching for music and videos. It will do a good job, but not as good as for the documents and photos. So, performance wise, the 321Soft has solid data recovery system and it will do a great job, no matter what type of file you’ve lost. With the 4 scanning options, this is one of the most customizable data recovery software as well. It is interesting that the 321Soft has a feature “Data Wipe” in which the software permanently deletes all data. You can use this if you want to get rid from some document that you don’t want to be ever recovered.

321Soft has interesting, neat design that is intuitive and you simply can’t go wrong with this one. Everything is enabled to you, you just have to click as the software demands from you to do. There is a free trial and you can try the software I your hands and maybe give a honest review for this software creator. Try it for free!

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