No.2 – Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v7

In this Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v7 review we will try to break down all important features that will help you determine whether this is the software you will turn to when unpleasant situation (like deleting some important files) happens. Data recovery software for mac are frequent, but only small portion of them truly works and gives 100% success ratio. What emphasizes the success of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data recovery is the fact that this software is award winning.

As there are 3 important features in each data recovery software we will try to review this software in each one of these parameters.

First is the design and user interface. When we first opened the software, we instantly felt attraction. It is one of the most joyful, smooth and intuitive UIs we’ve ever use. Even the person that doesn’t know how to use or benefit from technology can use it and largely benefit from it. So, Stellar Phoenix did an outstanding job with the design and user interface.

The second parameter in which we want to review and talk about this data recovery software is the effectiveness i.e how many files did recover for us? The answer is 95% of them. We tried several times and the result was surprising, more because it found some old deleted files. The search is thorough and comprehensive. It seems to us that you can’t go past through Stellar Phoenix, it finds everything. Here we can confirm that anything you delete from now on, it can be found by this wonderful software.

The third important thing are the data files it can search and recover. It is great how Stellar Phoenix included all possible popular file types. So, don’t worry about compatibility, the software will search for even some not so popular data files. Not only it can recover Mac deleted files, it can also recover deleted volumes and do raw recovery. Of course the photo recovery is possible and you can scan for lost photos from internal, but also for external sources.

This is one of the most versatile software you will ever use. From Quick Recovery to Advance Recovery Deleted Recovery, this software has multiple options that want to satisfy every possible need of the consumer. You can even put in CD/DVD in your Mac and scan and recover the data on it through your Mac.

This is one of the best software for Mac definitely. Fast, intuitive and with tons of useful features and scan types, Stellar Phoenix have really done a great job with their data recovery software. As we were testing it for the last few days, we can confirm its claims. Tons of scan options, great speed, UI, design and simplicity of use are its main features. They really did a great job in making this product both available and understandable for even the people that are not tech saavy, and also for the advanced users that want to have a tool that will save them time, money and nerves.

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