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If you search online for a software that is the best data recovery software for mac, you will find many names on many different lists. However, the name of the software that will be the most frequent is certainly Data Rescue 4. Rated as the best data recovery software in 2016 by TopTenReviews (influential review website), Data Rescue 4 has earned its name by offering reliable and quality Mac data recovery services. No matter if it is crashed hard drive on your Mac or a partition or file accidently deleted, Data Rescue 4 can do magical things. Let’s what and how you can recover any file with it.

In a short summary of the software capabilities, we can say that the software can recover deleted or damaged files, recover any photo files, get access to corrupted hard drive and of course, recover files and photos from an external drive.

Data Rescue 4 didn’t get the critical acclaim by applying several features, but instead it got its critical acclaim and approval from users do the list of features it enables to users. We will try to mention some of them and see why these features are standing out from the competition and how they can help you.

Of course, one of the basic features, the scan of files and hard drives is here. But, besides scanning the files in a hard drive, when Data Rescue 4 finishes the scan, it also informs you about the “health” of that particular hard drive. After the scan the software finds deleted files and you can either preview or recover them. Besides these basic features there are some additional features that may be handy to many users.

For example, you can easily clone any drive on your Mac. You can do that with FileIQ. On the other hand, there is a feature called BootWell. With it you can boot additional boot drive, apart from your primary drive. The

BootWell feature can be also used to unmount a primary drive.

Besides recovering files that were deleted or damaged, the Data Rescue 4 also can recover files from hard drives that were either corrupted or crashed. One really common data loss on Mac is certainly the data lost doing format of a file you didn’t want to format. Data Rescue 4 can save those files as well.

Want to do recovery from files that are supported by Windows on a Mac? No worries, you can do that with Data Rescue 4 as well. To be more specific, this software can recover files lost in the NTFS partitions that are actually boot camp partitions. As this is a proprietary file for Microsoft’s Windows, this just shows the great versatility of Data Rescue 4.


This software belongs to the data recovery software elite. Besides the powerful feature for data recovery, it also does excellent job with many other additional features like the FileIQ and BootWell. It is one of the broadest, comprehensive and feature-rich software you can find in this niche. We had excellent success and enjoyment while using it.

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