Steps to Recover Saved and Unsaved Files on Power Point

Steps to Recover Saved and Unsaved Files on Power PointDelivering a business-driven presentation is something which most people tend to find utterly daunting. However, the scenario was made easy a few years back, as the Microsoft Office 2007 was launched. In this compact set of different tools, an interactive one which business owners took great benefit from was Microsoft Power Point, or more commonly known as PPT.

This software helps in creating video presentations, adding several features and numerous themes to them, so you have the opportunity to make your presentations engaging. However, there are times when you might accidently, or with a little help by an external virus, lose your PPT files. In such cases, people are found confused and exhausted, as they are not familiar with PPT recovery. Here are a few steps, which can help you in recovering a saved, as well as an unsaved PPT file from your computer system.

Steps to Recover Previously Saved Files:

Step 1:

The first thing which you need to confirm is to make sure that the AutoRecover is enabled in your Power Point version. If the AutoRecover mode is not on, you would have to use a third-party software such as uFlysoft to recover your PPT files. However, if it is enabled, You need to go to ‘File’ then ‘Options’ and it will provide you with a pop-up options window. Click on the ‘save’ tab and under the Save Presentations section, you will see different options for AutoRecover. Make sure there are two different options there.

Step 2:

In the same window, you need to see the location where Power Point saves your AutoRecover files in your computer system. You can track the location of these files and then open the folder which has been named Power Point. In the folder, you will find almost all the previously saved versions of your presentation, which you have saved on your computer system, prior to losing them.

How to Recover Unsaved Files?

If you were working on a new PPT file, which you haven’t saved before but lost it, there is an easier approach through which you can recover such a file. You just need to open your Power Point version, preferably 2010, go to the ‘Files’ section and then click on ‘Recent’. At the very bottom of the page, you will see an option featuring ‘Recover Unsaved Presentations’. Click on it and you will be re-directed to the page where you will see all your unsaved PPT files.

Another way to recover PPT files is to use a PPT recovery software. uFlysoft  is one of the these software, which have been gaining noticeable fame in the IT realm. You can use this software in order to recover your saved and unsaved PPT files, and store them or restore them back on your storage devices, or computer systems. Hence, uFlysoft is an option that will save you from all the hassle of going through the above steps to recover your PPT files.