How to recover the data on your hard drive?

How to recover the data on your hard drive?As successful hard drive recovery on Mac needs to be mounted onto the Mac operating system and needs to respond and spin up successfully. If some damage has been done to the hard drive, then some software programs and applications can help you in the recovery process. Regarding the degree and seriousness of the damage, you might not be able to recover some of the files that are lost or corrupted. Software like iSlove or some other popular and efficient recovery tools can help in the HDD recovery.

What you need to do?

In order to restore the information on your hard drive you will have to follow some steps. If you are using a recovery program or tool, then you need to install it first. After the installation of the hard drive and its deployment into the Applications menu, you will have to launch the driver and enter the administrator password. The recovery process is done after the launching of the drive where you will have your files within short period of time.

Verifying the condition of the disk

Before performing any type of HDD recovery, a physical inspection needs to be done on the storage device in order to see how serious the damage is. If the driver cannot perform some operations it means that you will have to consider other recovery options. The software tools can help you if you notice some ticking sounds, slow reading or writing operations or some behavior of the disk that is improper.

How to recover lost data from NTFS, HFS+ and FAT?

You need to proceed with the backup process where the content of the data will be labeled as empty. In these places the lost data can be re-located and when the disk image has been created, the HDD recovery can be initiated. While the deep scanning is being performed, the software ensures that no failure will occur. Most of the data can be recovered and put in a safe place.

Recovering from the root of the drive

If you want to make the HDD recovery directly from the root of the Mac drive, then the most of the data can be lost and unrecoverable. In a case where the data cannot be connected to another hard drive, so the data is not possible to be recovered, then you can create a bootable hard drive for recovering purposes and run it. Within few minutes you will have your lost files restored and in the original format.


HDD recovery with connecting to a hard drive

If the recovery of the data is done from some external drive, then you need to connect it. The drive will show in the software tool and you can click on it in order to see the recovery options that are offered.

Choosing a disk

iSlove software has a lot of recovery methods used for Mac that can help you restore your lost files. The available methods are determined by the hard drive and if the hard drive is being formatted or not. There is a list from where you can choose the disk you want to be recovered and analyzed as whole disk.

Scanning methods

If you want the recovery process to be performed in a simpler way, then you have to go through the scanning methods and choose the one that you want. By clicking the “recover” button you will be able to see the available methods.

Another method is Deep Scan which takes a lot of time in the recovery process, while Quick Scan will help you find the data within minutes. With the scanning methods you can wait from 1 minute up to few hours and the scanning speed can be different depending on the hard drive.

Even though the scanning can be completed, some of the files can still be corrupted, which means that some other application has overwritten the block of bits and the structure will be lost. This cannot be prevented and the recovery of data in Mac operating system is based on luck in cases like these.

The data rescue

The data rescue rescues the reformatted and non-mounting drives and works on erased crashed or corrupted drives.