How do I charge my iPhone with the new Macbook Pro?

How do I charge my iPhone with the new Macbook Pro?The new Macbook Pro was launched last month, but it still one of the most talked about computers for this year. This is because Apple made some interesting changes that wildly touched Apple users. However, today we will talk about the connection between the iPhone and the Macbook Pro. To be more specific, we will talk about the charging, something that was criticized from many Apple users.

The problem appeared when Apple included new ports in the names of Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C). This is strange as the iPhones don’t have USB-c connection, but regular USB connection. So, all Mac OSx and iOS users asked, well how will I charge my iPhone? There are several options that we will mention bellow.

  1. Use USB Adapter

There are new adapters that do transfer of USB-C connection to regular USB. So, with that small adapter you will be able to charge your iPhone without any problem. This small device is great because it will also let you charge all of your other Apple Devices. It is versatile and it will let you to connect your printer or microphone too.

  1. Cable that converts USB-C to Lighting Cable

This is a different device and it represents a cable. It is an official Apple product too. It redirects the USB-C connection to the standard iPhone lighting cable connection instead. With that you are free to connect and charge your iPhone on your new Mac Book pro. It is not that expensive too, it costs only around $20 on the official Apple store and you can even buy it cheaper in some alternative versions.

How do I charge my iPhone with the new Macbook Pro?These are two and basically only methods to charge your iPhone on the new Mac Book pro. However, if you seriously think about it, you don’t need any of these. Ask yourself one question: When did I last charged my iPhone on my Mac Book? If the answer is long time ago or never, you will most likely not need these solutions. The reality is that the Mac Book can’t charge the iPhone’s battery fast and effectively. That is because most of the iPhone users use the standard charger for faster and most effective charging. It is not much of a used functionality by the Apple users, so there is a logic why Apple decided to make this design step.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day if you really need to charge your iPhone on your Mac Book then you should buy one of these two options. Which one is better? Probably the USB-C connection to regular USB because you may use it with other devices too. The USB-C connection technology will be widely used in the following years and having an adapter that enables you to use it with the standard USB connection will be of great practice. You can find it really affordable prices if you search through different online retailers, so it more cost effective too.